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Trust in organisations to handle personal information

Aug 1, 2011

Q. Thinking about your personal information that you sometimes have to give to organisations and companies, how much trust do you have in following organisations to handle your personal information appropriately?

A lot of trust Some trust Little trust No trust Don’t know
The medical profession 39% 40% 12% 7% 2%
Banks 19% 40% 27% 13% 2%
Governments 12% 38% 28% 20% 2%
Australian companies 6% 43% 35% 13% 2%
On-line companies 2% 25% 41% 29% 3%
Political parties 2% 20% 34% 40% 4%
Foreign companies 1% 18% 36% 41% 4%
The media 2% 14% 35% 47% 2%

Of the organisations measured, the medical profession is the most trusted to handle personal information (79% a lot/some trust). Banks (59%) are trusted more that Governments (50%) or Australian companies (49%).

The media are the least trusted with 82% saying they have little or no trust in them.

People aged under 35 tend to be more trustful with their personal information – especially with Governments (58% a lot/some trust), banks (69%) and on-line companies (35%).

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Trust in Federal Leaders

Feb 21, 2011

Q. Who do you trust most to deliver good policies for Australia’s future?
(Question commissioned by Network Ten)

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
Julia Gillard 40% 81% 5% 62%
Tony Abbott 31% 1% 72% 2%
Don’t know 29% 18% 23% 36%

40% have most trust in Julia Gillard to deliver good policies for Australia’s future and 31% trust Tony Abbott most.

Opinions closely follow party preference although Julia Gillard is overwhelmingly trusted more by Greens voters (62% to 2%).

Women are less trusting of Tony Abbott – 40% of men trust Julia Gillard and 36% trust Tony Abbott while 41% of women trust Julia Gillard and only 26% trust Tony Abbott.

Younger people are also less likely to trust Tony Abbott – those aged 55+ trust Tony Abbott (44%) more than Julia Gillard (36%) while those aged under 35 trust Julia Gillard more (42% Gillard/24% Abbott).

Download the Network Ten Essential Question of the Week. (1.1 MB pdf)

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Trustworthiness of Leaders

May 24, 2010

Q. Do you think the Opposition leader Tony Abbott is more or less trustworthy than the average Australian political leader?Q. And do you think the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is more or less trustworthy than the average Australian political leader?

  Tony Abbott Kevin Rudd
Total more trustworthy 20% 19%
Total less trustworthy 32% 34%
A lot more trustworthy 8% 4%
A little more trustworthy 12% 15%
About the same 40% 41%
A little less trustworthy 10% 13%
A lot less trustworthy 22% 21%
Don’t know 9% 5%

Perceptions of trustworthiness were similar for the two leaders  – both net negative.

20% believe Tony Abbott to be more trustworthy than the average compared to 32% less trustworthy. For Kevin Rudd the results were 19% more trustworthy and 34% less trustworthy.

47% of Coalition voters think Tony Abbott is more trustworthy and 56% of Labor voters think he is less trustworthy. For Kevin Rudd 40% of Labor voters think he is more trustworthy and 69% of Coalition voters think he is less trustworthy.

Greens voters tend to think Tony Abbott is less trustworthy (55%) and are split on Kevin Rudd (24% more/25% less). Comments »


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