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Trust in Federal Leaders

Feb 21, 2011

Q. Who do you trust most to deliver good policies for Australia’s future?
(Question commissioned by Network Ten)

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
Julia Gillard 40% 81% 5% 62%
Tony Abbott 31% 1% 72% 2%
Don’t know 29% 18% 23% 36%

40% have most trust in Julia Gillard to deliver good policies for Australia’s future and 31% trust Tony Abbott most.

Opinions closely follow party preference although Julia Gillard is overwhelmingly trusted more by Greens voters (62% to 2%).

Women are less trusting of Tony Abbott – 40% of men trust Julia Gillard and 36% trust Tony Abbott while 41% of women trust Julia Gillard and only 26% trust Tony Abbott.

Younger people are also less likely to trust Tony Abbott – those aged 55+ trust Tony Abbott (44%) more than Julia Gillard (36%) while those aged under 35 trust Julia Gillard more (42% Gillard/24% Abbott).

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