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Concern about Liberals Bringing Back WorkChoices

Nov 21, 2011

Q. If the Liberals won the election and reintroduced WorkChoices or similar laws, how concerned would you be?

31 May 10 12 July 10 Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
Very concerned 28% 29% 26% 53% 4% 54%
Quite concerned 17% 19% 15% 22% 11% 15%
A little concerned 20% 16% 20% 12% 24% 21%
Not concerned 24% 25% 27% 6% 52% 6%
Don’t know 11% 11% 11% 7% 9% 4%

Respondents were also less concerned about the re-introduction of WorkChoices than last year. 41% (down 7%) would be quite or very concerned if WorkChoices or similar laws were re-introduced and 47% (up 6%) were only a little or not concerned.

75% of Labor voters and 69% of Greens voters would be concerned. 76% of Liberal/National voters would be a little/not concerned and 15% concerned. Those most concerned were aged 25-34 (47%) and aged 45-54 (48%).

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Independents Support for Government

Feb 7, 2011

Q. Do you think the Independents in Federal Parliament that are supporting the Government should continue to support the Labor Government or should they switch their support to the Liberal/National coalition? (Question commissioned by Network Ten)

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Aged 18-34 Aged


Aged 55+
Continue to support Labor 43% 87% 6% 73% 43% 45% 39%
Switch support to the Liberals and Nationals 30% 1% 71% 6% 23% 29% 42%
Don’t know 27% 13% 23% 21% 34% 26% 19%

43% of respondents believed that the Independent MPs should continue to support the Labor Government and 30% thought they should switch their support to the coalition. 27% had no opinion either way.

Opinions closely followed voting intentions – and Greens voters overwhelmingly favoured continued support for the Government.

By age, younger voters tended to favour the independents continuing to support the Government while older voters were more likely to think they should switch.

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Essential Facts For Reading Our Poll

Aug 11, 2010

The Essential Report has been drawing a bit of comment in recent days, notably for failing to chart a perceived collapse in Labor support in week two of the campaign.

We were in the firing line on the Insiders on Saturday, where George Megalogenis noted that ,as an online poll, we have a different methodology to the major poll, so should not be treated with the same level of credence.

It is true that the Essential Poll uses a different model to the established pollsters – unlike phone-polling, we draw on a community panel of about 100,00 votes established by Your Source.

So why are the Essential numbers different to the phone pollsters? Comments »



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