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Independents Support for Government

7 Feb 2011

Q. Do you think the Independents in Federal Parliament that are supporting the Government should continue to support the Labor Government or should they switch their support to the Liberal/National coalition? (Question commissioned by Network Ten)

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Aged 18-34 Aged


Aged 55+
Continue to support Labor 43% 87% 6% 73% 43% 45% 39%
Switch support to the Liberals and Nationals 30% 1% 71% 6% 23% 29% 42%
Don’t know 27% 13% 23% 21% 34% 26% 19%

43% of respondents believed that the Independent MPs should continue to support the Labor Government and 30% thought they should switch their support to the coalition. 27% had no opinion either way.

Opinions closely followed voting intentions – and Greens voters overwhelmingly favoured continued support for the Government.

By age, younger voters tended to favour the independents continuing to support the Government while older voters were more likely to think they should switch.