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Party Identification

Mar 22, 2010

Q. Now regardless of your present view of things, which federal party do you normally consider yourself closest to?

Labor 40%
Liberal 32%
National 3%
Greens 6%
Democrats 2%
Family First 2%
Independent or other party 3%
Don’t know 11%

 40% of those surveyed indicated the party they normally consider themselves closest to is Labor, 35% indicated Liberal/National, 6% Greens and 11% don’t know.  Comments »

Strength of party identification

Mar 22, 2010

Q.  Do you consider yourself a very strong supporter, a fairly strong or not a very strong supporter of that party?

  Total % Party ID  
Labor Coalition Greens
Very strong 25% 25% 29% 18%
Fairly strong 52% 55% 51% 60%
Not very strong 22% 18% 19% 22%
Don’t know 1% 1% 1% *

People that normally consider themselves Coalition supporters were slightly more likely than Labor supporters to indicate their party support as very strong (29% v 25%).   55% of Labor supporters and 60% of Greens supporters indicated their party support as fairly strong.   Comments »


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