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  • Oct, 2010

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    It’s not too late to change the basis of voter choice

    EMC’s consulting pollster Vic Fingerhut has penned this memo to Democrats in the lead-up to Congressional elections. His words of wisdom ring true here too.

    Despite the feel good messages from the Democratic campaign committees, if messaging frames and context of voter choice on election day remain as they are today, we are heading for disaster.

    Two weeks ago, I sent you a memo underlining the fact that while our opponents have a simple and clear frame for the short-term issues in the current election, we have had none.

    And despite the millions spent on our side…nothing has changed.

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  • Mar, 2010

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    Party Identification

    Q. Now regardless of your present view of things, which federal party do you normally consider yourself closest to?

    Labor 40%
    Liberal 32%
    National 3%
    Greens 6%
    Democrats 2%
    Family First 2%
    Independent or other party 3%
    Don’t know 11%

     40% of those surveyed indicated the party they normally consider themselves closest to is Labor, 35% indicated Liberal/National, 6% Greens and 11% don’t know.  Comments »