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Victoria – voting intention

Nov 5, 2010

Q. If a State Election was held today to which party will you probably give your first preference vote? If not sure, which party are you currently leaning toward?

Q. If don’t know -Well which party are you currently leaning to?

sample size = 1,465

First preference/leaning to  Total Election Nov 06  Change
Liberal 42% 34.4%  
National 2% 5.2%  
Total Lib/Nat 44% 39.6% +4.4%
Labor 38% 43.1% -5.1%
Greens 12% 10.0% +2.0%
Other/Independent 6% 7.3% -1.3%
2PP Total Election Nov 06  Change
Total Lib/Nat 50% 45.6% +4.4%
Labor 50% 54.4% 4.4%

 NB.  The data in the above tables comprise 6-week averages derived the first preference/leaning to voting questions.  Respondents who select ‘don’t know’ are not included in the results.  The two-party preferred estimate is calculated by distributing the votes of the other parties according to their preferences at the previous election. Comments »


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