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Satisfaction with Major Retailers

Jan 16, 2012

Q. How satisfied are you with the following?

Total satisfied Total dissatisfied Very satisfied Satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Don’t know
The range of products available at major retailers 55% 14% 8% 47% 30% 12% 2% 2%
Prices of goods at major retailers 30% 34% 2% 28% 35% 26% 8% 2%
Quality of goods available at major retailers 46% 16% 4% 42% 36% 13% 3% 1%
Standard of service at major retailers 31% 36% 3% 28% 33% 24% 12% 1%

Overall, respondents were satisfied with the range of products and quality of goods available at major retailers.  Only 14% were dissatisfied with range of products and 16% with the quality of goods available. There were no major differences by demographics on these two issues

However, they were mixed opinions concerning process and standard of service. Older respondents were least satisfied with prices – 41% of under 35’s were satisfied compared to 24% of over 55’s. Customer service was more an issue for older respondents – 45% of over 55’s said they were dissatisfied and only 21% satisfied.

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