South Australian battery

Jul 18, 2017

Q. It was recently announced by the South Australian government that technology company Tesla will construct the “world’s largest battery” in South Australia. The battery will store wind energy to be used in high-demand periods, with the aim of increasing the reliability of the South Australian energy grid. Do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other
Total good idea 73%   79% 70% 82% 69%
Total bad idea 5%   1% 8% 1% 11%
Very good idea 42%   48% 40% 46% 39%
Good idea 31%   31% 30% 36% 30%
Neither god nor bad idea 14%   12% 14% 13% 14%
Bad idea 2%   1% 3% 1% 5%
Very bad idea 3%   <1% 5% 6%
Don’t know 8%   8% 7% 3% 6%

73% agree that the construction of the battery in South Australia is a good idea and 5% think it is a bad idea. Those most likely to think it is a good idea were Greens voters (82%), Labor voters (79%) and university educated (79%).

65% of South Australian respondents think it is a good idea, 8% think it is a bad idea and 22% think it is neither. (note – small sample)

Can a price on carbon create jobs?

Jul 3, 2012

Tim Ayres tells manufacturers to focus on opportunities in clean energy and new government subsidies.

Despite the hyperbole on one side and scaremongering on the other, the much debated carbon tax is in place. For manufacturers, the carbon tax is a game shifter heralding new beginnings but also some losses.

Tim Ayres for the AMWU tells 3Q about the opportunities and challenges to Australia’s clean, green future. Though the Government has committed billions in loans through the Clean Energy Finance Corporation kick-starting a clean technology industry in wind, solar and geothermal will mean putting the right policies in place so that local workers benefit.

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