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  • Jun, 2010

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    The Doddcast: Canberra Report 28th June

    “He must be sacked”.

    “We must send a group of former factions to see him and tell him that if he doesn’t change the game plan – then he has to go.”

    “This team is meant to embody the spirit of our nation and the performance we’ve put in is not only unpopular but it’s a disgrace to our whole nation,” he said.

    “You can’t blame the players, they didn’t have a plan that they believed in or even understood what it was.

    “PM doesn’t understand us, he doesn’t understand our fighting spirit. Comments »

  • Jun, 2010


    The Doddcast: Canberra Report 21st June

    While Canberra doesn’t look like getting above 15 degrees this week, there’s a chance the term of this government is heating up.

    Whether they’re currently half baked or have they been left too long, today’s poll shows that they’re the same stale position they’ve been in for the last week.

    Kevin looks like spending the day explaining to the Chinese dep pres what rat fucker means.

    Today’s opinion poll will fuel speculation about a mid September poll, with sources suggesting that Kevin Rudd is aware of fact that football finals exist but doesn’t think his team can do any worse than Andrew Johns. Comments »