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Views towards trade disputes between Australia and China

Dec 15, 2020

Q. There are ongoing trade disputes between Australia and China, with China imposing high tariffs on imported Australian products.

Some people see this as a reaction from China to Australian calls for an inquiry into the origins of Covid-19 and leading international pressure on the Chinese Government’s record on human rights.

Which of the following statements is closer to you views on this issue?

  Total Gender Age Group Federal Voting Intention
  Male Female 18-34 35-54 55+ Labor TOTAL: Coalition Greens TOTAL: Other
Australia is the innocent victim of Chinese assertion in restricting trade on certain products 62% 63% 61% 53% 65% 67% 59% 67% 46% 65%
Australia has made itself a target by publicly criticising the Chinese government 38% 37% 39% 47% 35% 33% 41% 33% 54% 35%
Base (n) 1,071 539 532 339 374 358 356 406 102 107
  • The majority of people think Australia is the victim of trade restrictions by China (62%), with the remainder linking the dispute to criticism of China by the Australian government (38%).
  • Those most likely to think Australian trade has been unfairly restricted include those aged over 55 (67%) and Coalition voters (67%).


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