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  • Sep, 2021


    NSW and Victoria Covid-19 roadmaps

    Q. As you may be aware, the NSW/Victorian government recently announced its roadmap to ease Covid restrictions once vaccination targets are reached.

    Thinking about this roadmap out of lockdown, which of the following applies to you?

      NSW VIC
    I understand the plan and have confidence in it 48% 36%
    I understand the plan but don’t have confidence in it 40% 50%
    I’m aware of the plan but don’t understand it 8% 11%
    I’m not aware of the plan 4% 3%
    Base (n) 348 277
    • Confidence in re-opening roadmaps is higher in NSW than Victoria.
    • 48% of people in NSW understand and have confidence in the state’s re-opening plan, compared to 26% in Victoria.
    • 40% of people in NSW understand the plan, but aren’t confident that it will lead to easing restrictions, compared to 50% of Victorians.