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  • Apr, 2012

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    Should we be scared of growing cities?

    Ken Morrison says the time for talking is over — the Federal Government needs to take action on planning our cities.

    Every 87 seconds a new Australian is added to our heavily urbanised population.

    That Aussie is mostly likely to end up in the big smoke – being a boon on productivity but also a drain on housing, infrastructure and services.

    Our growth is not nearly as explosive as China where a new city the size of Adelaide is being built every five days.

    But Ken Morrison from the Property Council of Australia tells 3Q that COAG’s criticisms of state governments’ failure to plan are justified, as the PCA’s CEO Peter Verwer told the Press Club recently.

  • Apr, 2012

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    Can super build Australia?

    Mark Delaney explains how super funds are delivering good returns through investing in infrastructure.

    We all rely on energy, communications, transport and dozens of other public utilities.

    Traditionally it’s been the role of governments to fund such vital infrastructure.

    But the costs involved mean governments are increasingly handing that role to the private sector — and that includes super funds.

    If you’re a member of AustralianSuper, you may already be investing in new energy production, airports, ports and the like.

    Mark Delaney, Deputy CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Australian Super, tells 3Q that the long term nature of infrastructure funding and the solid returns make it an attractive investment.

  • Apr, 2012

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    How do we make green megacities?

    Ben Pearson says the move to sustainable cities may be expensive in the short term but will reap benefits for the future.

    We live in one of the most urbanised nations on Earth, with the bulk of our population in our major cities.

    While high density cities make us more efficient, innovative and engaged, the growth of cities is putting pressure on the environment, our health and our well being. So how do we make them more liveable and sustainable?

    Ben Pearson from Greenpeace heads a 3Q discussion on future cities like Masdar City in Abu Dhabi.

    He explains why we love city living and what needs to change to make it sustainable.