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Trust in TV News and Current Affairs

Nov 1, 2010

Q. How much trust do you have in the news and current affairs on the following TV channels?

  A lot of trust Some trust Not much trust Don’t know
ABC 42% 42% 9% 6%
Channel 7 8% 53% 33% 6%
Channel 9 8% 54% 31% 6%
Channel 10 7% 55% 31% 6%
Sky News 12% 40% 17% 31%

42% say they have a lot of trust in the ABC news and current affairs and 42% have some trust. Only 9% have not much trust.

Levels of trust in the free-to-air commercial channels are similar – less than 10% have a lot of trust and over 30% say they have not much trust in them.

Sky News is trusted more than the other commercial channels – 12% say they have a lot of trust and only 17% have not much trust.

Highest levels of trust in the ABC are shown by men (47% a lot of trust), Greens voters (62%) and Labor voters (48%) and those on income over $1,600pw (49%). Comments »


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