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  • Aug, 2012


    RailCorp Managers Veer Way Off The Track

    Let’s say you wanted to solve climate change. You’d probably focus on, say, carbon emissions. But, if you were RailCorp management, you’d likely come up with the genius idea of handing out sun visors because, well, that’s really keeping your eye on the ball. Because RailCorp management really is brilliantly clueless about what matters.

    If you asked the average rider what are the main challenges facing the rail system, she’d probably immediately say…proper grooming of rail way workers. Right? First thing on your mind. Well, while you suppress your giggling, just know that that is exactly what RailCorp management thinks, and is spending critical funds on enforcing:

    RAILCORP’S ”First Impressions Count” initiative claimed its first four scalps this week, as the train operator’s management began refusing to allow employees to start work if they were unshaven or unkempt.

    The Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian, has set herself the task of overhauling Sydney’s train system. And while the trains and service levels remain largely as they were, RailCorp has launched a blitz on grooming, rigorously enforcing standards first set in 1999.

    Let me leave it to the rational person to react:

    ”They are just going ridiculous,” said Bob Newham, a passenger organiser in the locomotive division of the Rail, Tram and Bus Union yesterday. ”They’ll need to start issuing underwear soon because crew have been told they can’t wear T-shirts under their shirts any more to keep warm.”

    Ridiculous? I’d say insane.

    And, just to top it off, Railcorp has gone into the music producing business…creating a CD of  songs to — are you ready? –deal with drivers’ fatigue. It’s called Fatigue Busters. No, this is not a joke. On that one, Loco Express observes:

    A musical medley is an interesting attempt at dealing with the very serious issue of fatigue, and an interesting use of the time and resources in Railcorp. Just imagine what could be achieved if they put as much effort into thinking about rostering, breaks between shifts, allowing for regular breaks for toilet relief instead of trying to chain drivers to the seat, reducing turn around times and fixing staff moral.