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  • Apr, 2010

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    Issues related to workplace staffing

    Q. Over the last 12 months, has the business you work for cut back on staff, increased staff or have staffing levels stayed much the same?

    Increased staff 13%
    Cut back on staff 26%
    Stayed much the same 57%
    Don’t know 4%


    Only asked to those in employment

    For those currently employed, over half (57%) indicated that staffing levels have stayed much the same at their place of employment. 26% indicated that over the past 12 months, the business they work for has cut back on staff, 13% indicated that staffing levels have increased and 4% don’t know.

    There were no significant differences in terms of public or private workplaces; however people employed in the public sector were slightly more likely than those in the private sector to indicate there has been a cut back on staff in their workplace (29% v 25%).  Comments »