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  • Sep, 2010

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    AFL Grand Final – The Fringe Dwellers Strike Back

    I was once called a ‘Fringe Dweller’.

    I was making a rare appearance for Lindisfarne first grade in the Tasmanian Cricket Association.  We had a strong team, with several State players, and would play in the finals the following week.  But we lacked depth – which was why I managed to sneak into the first eleven every now and then.

    “I can’t believe we’re getting beaten by Lindisfarne,” ‘an ignorant North Hobart supporter was overheard saying on that fateful day.

    “They’ve got some good players, but Prins and Pickett are just Fringe Dwellers.”

    The insult cut deep.  We lost our semi-final, and I immediately retired from grade cricket.  Sadly, no one really noticed, and my retirement went unreported in the Hobart media.

    (Ironically, the Hobart Mercury did report that I was a ‘debutant’ on at least five separate occasions.  Apparently I never made much of an impression on the local cricket writer).

    But now, I can finally revel in my status as a Fringe Dweller – because Fringe Dwellers are about to strike back.

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