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  • Aug, 2011

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    Ratings of the Economy

    Q. From what you have read and heard, how would you rate the state of the economy of Australia?

    And how would you rate the state of the economy of the USA?

    And how would you rate the state of the economies of the European countries?

    Australia USA Europe
    Total getting better 32% 5% 5%
    Total getting worse 37% 84% 70%
    Getting a lot better 7% 1% 1%
    Getting a little better 25% 4% 4%
    Neither getting better nor worse 28% 7% 14%
    Getting a little worse 27% 26% 27%
    Getting a lot worse 10% 58% 43%
    Don’t know 2% 4% 10%

    A majority believe that Australia’s economy is getting better but the economies of USA and Europe are getting worse.

    53% of respondents think the Australian economy is getting better and 12% think it is getting worse. 62% think the USA economy is getting worse and 53% think the economies of European countries are getting worse.

    For Australia, 63% of Labor voters, 66% of Greens voters and 44% of Liberal/National voters think the economy is getting better. Younger respondents were most optimistic about the Australian economy  – 60% of those aged under 35 think it is getting better compared to 46% of those aged 55+.

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