Policies of the major parties

May 13, 2014

Q. In general, do you think the policies of the Liberal/National Coalition and the policies of Labor favour the rich, favour the middle class, favour the poor, or do they treat all groups equally?


Favour the rich

Favour the average Australian

Favour the poor

Treat all groups equally

Don’t know

The policies of the Liberal/National Coalition…






The policies of Labor…






Just over half (54%) of Australians believe that the policies of the Lib/Nat Coalition favour the rich. 16% think they favour the average Australian, 5% think they favour the poor and 13% think they favour all groups equally.

The largest proportion of Australians (34%) think that the policies of Labor favour the average Australian. 16% think they favour the rich, 22% think they favour the poor and 11% think they treat all groups equally.

Labor and Green voters were more likely to think that the Lib/Nat’s favour the rich (81% each), and that Labor favour the average Australian (53% of Labor voters and 57% of Green voters).

There were no significant differences based on gender.

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