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  • Jul, 2012

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    Family Values Isn’t Free

    Family values. It’s something everyone wants to embrace. But, beyond making broad statements, the bottom line is…well, the bottom line. If you love families, you probably love children…but what happens when it gets to supporting early childhood education and care reforms?

    We noticed this concern raised this past Friday by Early Childhood Australia:

    Peak children’s body Early Childhood Australia (ECA) have expressed concern today about statements from Shadow Minister for Childcare and Early Childhood Learning, Sussan Ley that suggest the opposition is considering winding back early childhood education and care reforms.

    ECA today urged Shadow Minister Ley to consult more broadly on the reforms and hear from children’s advocates, experts and the many service operators already successfully implementing the reforms, about the long-term benefits of quality early education and care.

    “We need to see bipartisan support for improving the quality of early childhood education and care for the sake of the 1.5 million Australian children in these services,” said ECA chief executive Samantha Page.

    Seems like it should be a no-brainer for early childhood education to be a bi-partisan effort, enjoying broad support no matter who’s running the show.


  • May, 2012

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    Pam Cahir – Early Childhood Australia

    Pam Cahir is the Chief Executive Officer of Early Childhood Australia, a national organisation which advocates on behalf of young children.

    Her interests are in supporting parents and other professionals who are responsible for the growth and development of young children to do that work well.

  • May, 2012

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    Can we make our kids smarter?

    Pam Cahir talks about the biggest improvements to early childhood education in 25 years.

    More Australian babies and toddlers are in childcare than ever before. And they’re there when their brains are laying down the pathways vital for later learning, intelligence and social capability.

    Pam Cahir, the CEO from Early Childhood Australia, tells 3Q how new national reforms are ensuring childcare centres provide a nurturing environment that will ultimately have a long-term beneficial effect on the society of the future.

    Critics of the Government’s plan say the changes will cost up to $27 a day more in childcare. But Pam Cahir says they are exaggerating the price increases, which she estimates to be closer to $5 a day.

    The ECA believes the small price increase is warranted to ensure the long-term goals of the reform agenda are met.