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Aussie Larrikins Strike Gold In Petulant Behaviour

Oct 11, 2010
Hassene Fkiri of Australia refuses to shake hands with Anil Kumar of India.

Hassene Fkiri blows up and becomes an instant household name.

The Australian media has been quick to condemn Commonwealth Games athletes Hassene Fkiri and Shane Perkins for their televised displays of sporting petulance.  They apparently let us all down, giving people the impression that Australians are actually bad losers.

C’mon!  Why pick on these athletes, when they are simply upholding a great Aussie tradition?

Indeed, the evidence shows that we’re actually a bunch of world-class, Gold Medal-winning tantrum throwers, who love nothing more than gobbing off and flipping the bird – to officials, fellow competitors and even our team-mates.

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