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Who is favoured by changes to industrial relations laws

Dec 15, 2020

Q. Generally speaking, when Federal Liberal-National Coalition Governments make changes to industrial relations laws, do you think they tend to favour employers and businesses, employees or strike a balance between the two?

  Total Federal Voting Intention
  Labor TOTAL: Coalition Greens TOTAL: Other
The changes tend to favour employers and businesses 52% 64% 41% 71% 53%
The changes tend to favour employees 17% 14% 19% 16% 18%
The changes tend to strike a balance between the two 31% 22% 40% 13% 29%
Base (n) 1,071 356 406 102 107
  • Over half of people think changes made to industrial relations laws made by a Liberal-National government tend to favour businesses and employers (52%), while just 17% think they favour employees.
  • Coalition voters are most likely to say changes made by a Coalition government strike a balance (40%), but 41% think changes favour businesses and 19% employees.


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