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What’s Up With Woolies?

11 Jul 2012

Thinking about spending your dollars for groceries?

Know this about Woolies…

Letter to Mr Grant O’Brien re Woolworths-Caltex service stations

Dear Mr O’Brien,

While your company is advertising its commitment to Australian suppliers, your service station partner Caltex is set to close down one of its two Australian refineries, putting 700 Australians out of work.

If you were serious about supporting Australian jobs, you would make sure that Woolworths/Caltex service stations sold Aussie-refined fuel.

But as long as Woolworths sells fuel from overseas refineries, your claims of being “proud to be Aussie, through and through” will ring hollow.

I urge you to fill up on Aussie fuel, and save the jobs of Australian fuel workers.

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