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Super – what comes after the GFC?

Mar 20, 2012

Media Super’s Jon Glass explains how super funds manage risk and why they’re better than the average investor

The GFC decimated not only the world financial markets but also Australia’s super funds. Over $75 billion was wiped off our share value and it will be another two years before super savings are back to their pre-GFC levels. Yet here has been a recovery during that time — albeit with some hiccups along the way.

One positive from the economic tsunami has been the adoption of more risk averse strategies, as Dr Jon Glass, chief investment officer for Media Super, will explain on our upcoming 3Q.

But what if I want to take those risks and manage my fund according to my needs? The evidence suggests you’ll be much worse off, simply because of a tendency to stick to bad habits and make poor decisions.

Dr Jon Glass, chief investment officer for Media Super, explains how the psychology of risk affects our actions when it comes to investments — and not in a positive way.

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