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1 Aug 2018

Q. When you vote in Federal and State elections, how important are the following in deciding who you vote for?

  Very import-ant Quite import-ant Not very import-ant Not at all import-ant Don’t know   Very import-ant Vote Labor Very import-ant Vote Lib/Nat Very import-ant Vote Greens Very import-ant Vote other
The parties’ policies 55% 32% 7% 1% 5% 58% 53% 63% 63%
The party leaders 28% 45% 17% 4% 5% 26% 32% 23% 35%
The local candidates 27% 44% 18% 5% 6% 30% 26% 27% 29%


55% think that the parties’ policies are very important in deciding who to vote for, while 28% think the party leaders are very important and 27% think the local candidate is very important.

Greens and other voters are more likely to think policies are very important while LNP and other voters were a little more likely to think the party leaders are very important.