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Vote if Kevin Rudd Labor Leader

Jun 27, 2011

Q. If Kevin Rudd was the leader of the Labor Party (and Tony Abbott was leader of the Liberal Party), to which party will you probably give your first preference vote if a Federal Election was held today? If not sure, which party would you lean toward?

First preference Total Gave vote
Liberal 36% 39%
National 3% 3%
Total Lib/Nat 39% 42%
Labor 41% 45%
Greens 7% 8%
Other/Independent 5% 6%
Don’t know 8%

If Kevin Rudd was leader of the Labor Party (and Tony Abbott was leader of the Liberal Party) 45% said they would give their first preference vote to Labor (up 13%) and 42% to the Liberal or National Parties (down 6%). The Greens vote drops 3% to 8%.

In two party preferred terms, this equates to 53% Labor/47% Liberal/National – a swing of 8% to Labor.

Most of the increased Labor vote comes from Liberal/National voters  – 12% of Liberal/National voters said they would vote Labor if Kevin Rudd was leader.

Groups with the largest shifts to Labor were women, aged under 35, NSW and lower incomes.


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