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Views on Labor Policies

7 May 2019

Q. Here are some policies proposed by Labor. To what extent do you oppose or support each? NET: Strongly/Somewhat support   

  Total Vote Labor Vote Liberal / National Vote Greens NET: Vote Other
Extend Medicare to cover cancer and aged dental treatment 76% 83% 68% 85% 82%
Waive up-front fees for 100,000 students to enable them to attend TAFE 60% 73% 50% 70% 57%
Have a target for at least 50% of Australia’s energy to be generated from renewables by 2030 58% 75% 42% 80% 54%
Reverse cuts to penalty rates 50% 66% 36% 60% 49%
Introduce a mechanism for First Nations people to have a greater say in policy issues that impact on their lives to parliament, often referred to as an indigenous voice 43% 55% 31% 65% 37%
Reduce tax concessions for investors and self-funded retirees 39% 54% 26% 49% 36%
  • Over three-quarters of people support the Labor policy to ‘Extend Medicare to cover cancer and aged dental treatment’. This was the most supported policy among Labor (83% support), Liberal/National (68%), Greens (85%) and other party/candidate (82%) voters.
  • All Labor policies received majority support among Labor voters.
  • The policy to ‘Reduce tax concessions for investors and self-funded retirees’ had the lowest support overall, with 39%. 32% of people opposed this policy.