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VIC: View on hotel quarantine outbreak

Aug 11, 2020

Q. Information released by health authorities suggests that Victoria’s Covid-19 outbreak started with breaches in hotel quarantine. Which of the following is closer to your view…?

VICTORIA ONLY   Gender Age group Location
Total Male Female 18-34 35-54 55+ Capital Non-Capital
This is mostly about individuals being irresponsible, and the focus should be on forcing them to be more responsible 56% 52% 61% 62% 63% 46% 55% 62%
This is mostly about failures in the system, with jobs in the security industry being insecure and workers not being given enough training 44% 48% 39% 38% 37% 54% 45% 38%
Base (n) 499 238 261 149 154 196 388 111


  • More than half of Victorians believe the breaches in quarantine are mostly about individuals being irresponsible (56%) than failures in the system (44%).
  • Women (61%) and 18-34 year olds (62%) are more likely to think this is about individuals, while men (48%) and those over 55 (54%) believe this is a systemic issue.


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