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VIC: Covid-19 outbreak impact on favourability

Aug 11, 2020

Q. How has the Covid-19 outbreak affected your views of the following people…?

VICTORIA ONLY Daniel Andrews Scott Morrison
Much more favourable 24% 25%
A little more favourable 20% 33%
No difference 26% 27%
A little less favourable 10% 7%
Much less favourable 19% 8%
TOTAL: More favourable 44% 58%
TOTAL: Less favourable 29% 15%
Base (n) 499 499


  • 58% of Victorians say they now have a more favourable opinion of Scott Morrison due to the Covid-19 outbreak, while 44% say the same for Daniel Andrews.
  • Victorians over 55 years old and capital city residents are more likely to say their opinion of Scott Morrison has become more favourable (65% and 60% respectively) than 18-34 year olds and non-capital city residents (51% and 49%).
  • Victorians over 55 years old are more likely to have a less favourable opinion of Daniel Andrews (40%) than 18-34 year olds (19%).
  • Perception of the State Government’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak is tied to perceptions of Daniel Andrews – those who say their state’s response is poor are more likely to say their opinion of Daniel Andrews is now less favourable, and vice versa.


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