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US Presidential election

Nov 8, 2016

Q. If you had a vote in the US Presidential election, would you vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other   Jun 2016
Hillary Clinton 59%   72% 54% 74% 43%   71%
Donald Trump 19%   14% 27% 9% 29%   15%
Don’t know 22%   14% 19% 17% 27%   14%

If they had a vote, 59% would vote for Hillary Clinton for US President and 19% would vote for Donald Trump. This represents a shift away from Hillary Clinton since this question was asked in June.

Men favoured Hillary Clinton 51% to 28% and women by 68% to 10%.

All voter groups would strongly vote for Hillary Clinton.

A question asked in October 2012 about which candidate was most preferred resulted in Barack Obama 63%, Mitt Romney 9%, no difference 17% and don’t know 11%.


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