Uluru Statement

Nov 6, 2017

Q. A few months ago the “Uluru Statement” was released, calling for a number of policy measures relating to Indigenous Australians.
Do you support or oppose the following measures?

  Total Support Total Oppose   Strongly Support Support Neither Support nor Oppose Oppose Strongly Oppose Don’t Know   Jun 2017
Enshrining an Indigenous voice to parliament in the constitution 45% 16% 20% 25% 28% 7% 9% 11% 44%
Negotiating a treaty between the federal government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 47% 16% 19% 28% 28% 8% 8% 9% 43%
Creating a treaty commission to negotiate treaties between various levels of government and different Indigenous language groups or tribes 41% 19% 16% 25% 29% 10% 9% 10% 39%
Creating a truth and reconciliation commission 43% 18% 18% 25% 29% 10% 8% 11%   39%


Each measure had greater support than opposition, with the most popular being negotiating a treaty (47% support).

45% support enshrining an Indigenous voice to parliament in the constitution. Support was greatest for this measure among Greens voters (67% support), ALP voters (61%) and aged 18-34 (56%). 37% of Liberal/National voters support and 24% oppose.


There has been no significant change since this question was last asked in June.


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