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Types of immigration

Apr 24, 2018

Q. Australia migration intake is currently made up of about 190,000 permanent migrants each year and more than one million people here on temporary visas at any given time. For each of the following classes of migration would you like to see more or fewer?

  More Fewer No change Don’t know
Short-term business visas 13% 34% 36% 16%
Short-term student visas 19% 29% 39% 13%
Short-term working holiday visas 16% 33% 38% 13%
Skilled working visas 22% 36% 29% 13%
Short-term working visas (eg 457s) 12% 47% 26% 15%
Permanent  family reunion 22% 34% 30% 14%
Permanent refugee 19% 46% 21% 14%



47% think there should be fewer short-tern working visas and 46% want fewer permanent refugees. About one third wanted fewer in each of the other visa categories. Respondents were more likely to want no change in short-term student visas (39%), short-term working holiday visas (38%) and short-term business visas (36%).


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