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Trust to deal with GFC

15 Aug 2011

Q. If there is another Global Financial Crisis, which party would you trust most to deal with it?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
The Labor Party 31% 75% 4% 61%
The Liberal Party 40% 4% 82% 5%
No difference 20% 13% 11% 27%
Don’t know 9% 8% 4% 8%

If there was another GFC, 40% would trust the Liberal Party more to handle it and 31% would trust the Labor Party more. When a similar question was asked last week, the results were 27% Labor/43% Liberal.

The only demographic groups trusting the Labor Party more were aged 18-24 (Labor 37%/Liberals 29%) and those earning less than $600pw (Labor 41%/Liberals 32%).