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Trust most to handle the economy

May 12, 2015

Q. Who would you trust most to handle Australia’s economy – The Treasurer Joe Hockey or the Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other/ Indep-endent   Aug 2014 Mar 2015
Joe Hockey 30% 7% 66% 16% 21% 34% 26%
Chris Bowen 22% 44% 5% 26% 19% 23% 25%
Don’t know 48% 49% 29% 57% 61% 43% 49%

30% have more trust in Joe Hockey to handle Australia’s economy and 22% have more trust in Chris Bowen. 48% don’t know who they would trust more.

This represents a 7-point shift in favour of Joe Hockey since this question was asked in March.


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