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Trust in Media Outlets

Jun 27, 2019

Q. How much trust do you have in what you read or hear in the following media? NET: A lot of trust/Some trust

June 2019 Oct’18
SBS TV news and current affairs 60% 61%
ABC radio news and current affairs 58% 57%
Commercial TV news and current affairs 47% 48%
News and opinion in daily newspapers 46% 44%
News and opinion in local newspapers 46% 47%
ABC radio talkback programs 45% 44%
Commercial radio news and current affairs 44% 44%
News and opinion websites 37% 39%
Commercial radio talkback programs 34% 35%
Internet blogs 19% 17%
  • A majority of people had at least some trust in SBS TV news (60%) and ABC radio news (57%), while none of the other sources gained above 50%.
  • There was little change from last year in the levels of trust recorded for each media source.
  • There were few significant differences by age, gender, income or highest level of education attained.


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