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Tony Abbott

Aug 2, 2016

Q. Do you think Tony Abbott should –

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other
Stay in Parliament on the backbench 21%   22% 26% 18% 19%
Stay in Parliament and be given a Ministry 25%   11% 43% 13% 29%
Resign from Parliament 37%   51% 18% 63% 38%
Don’t know 17%   16% 12% 6% 14%

37% think that Tony Abbott should resign from Parliament, 25% think he should stay in Parliament and be given a ministry and 21% think he should stay in Parliament on the backbench.

51% of Labor voters and 63% of Greens voters think he should resign while 43% of Liberal/National voters think he should remain and be given a ministry.

A similar question asked in March found that 47% thought Tony Abbott should resign immediately or at the next election, 18% thought he should stay and be given a ministry and 15% thought he should stay on the backbench.


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