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Time to return to normal

Jun 8, 2021

Q. Thinking about the future, how long do you think it will take for the following to occur?

Within one year One to two years More than two years Never
The Covid-19 vaccine rollout will be completed in Australia 18% 44% 30% 8%
Quarantine will no longer be required after international travel 12% 34% 43% 11%
The housing market will return pre-pandemic levels 18% 31% 31% 20%
International travel will be allowed without restriction 12% 34% 44% 10%
Unemployment will return to pre-pandemic levels 22% 35% 32% 11%
Australia will pay off its national debt 7% 14% 50% 29%
  • Most people think the Covid-19 vaccine rollout will be completed in Australia in one to two years (44%). About a third (30%) think this will take more than two years. Only 18% expect the vaccine rollout to be completed within one year.


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