The Past Year – Personal

Dec 13, 2010

 Q. Has it been a good or bad year for each of the following?

  Total good Total bad Very good Good Neither good nor bad Bad Very bad Don’t know
Your personal financial situation 28% 28% 4% 24% 42% 21% 7% 1%
Your workplace * 43% 21% 6% 37% 33% 17% 4% 3%
You and your family overall 43% 19% 7% 36% 36% 14% 5% 2%

* based on working people

Respondents were evenly divided over whether it has been a good or bad year financially. Those most likely to say it was a good year were full-time workers (37% good/20% bad), aged under 35 (37%/23%) and incomes over $1,600pw (42%/20%).

 Respondents were more positive about their workplace (43%/21%) and overall for themselves and their family (43%/19%). Younger respondents were a little more positive about themselves and their family– those aged under 35 split 50% good/13% bad.


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