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Support for Julian Assange

Oct 25, 2016

Q. Julian Assange faces extradition from the UK to Sweden for an investigation into sexual assault allegations. In Sweden he will be detained while the investigation continues, and he may be extradited to the United States to face charges relating to WikiLeaks’s release of US diplomatic cables.

Do you think the Australian government has provided appropriate support to Assange given he faces investigation for sexual assault in Sweden and possible extradition to the US?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other   July 2012
Government have provided appropriate support 28%   28% 36% 24% 24%   22%
Government have not provided appropriate support 26%   33% 19% 30% 36%   36%
Don’t know 46%   39% 45% 46% 40%   41%


When asked whether they thought the Australian government has provided appropriate support to Julian Assange, the largest proportion (46%) of Australians selected ‘don’t know’.

28% said they had provided appropriate support, and almost the same amount said they had not provided appropriate support (26%).

These results are in line with those from July 2012, the last time this question was asked.

Lib/Nat voters were slightly more likely to believe that the Government had provided appropriate support (36%).


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