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Specific covid-19 concerns

21 Apr 2020

Q. To what extent are you concerned about these possible impacts of the Covid-19?

The Australian economy as a whole 87% 85%
General unemployment if companies are forced out of business 83% 79%
The physical health of close family members 74% 73%
The impact on my superannuation, savings or investments 67% 63%
My close family members’ mental health 64% 61%
My physical health and catching the virus 64% 62%
My economic situation if I lose my job or have less work 59% 58%
My ability to buy food and essential items if stores run out 58% 58%
Children’s development by missing out on school 56% 52%
My mental health as a result of social distancing 50% 47%
Base (n) 1,051 1,068
  • Economic issues are seen as most concerning when thinking about the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. 87% say they are concerned (very/somewhat) about the economy as a whole and 83% are concerned about general unemployment.
  • Those aged 18-34 were more likely than other age groups to be concerned about the impact on their mental health (67% to 43%), and that of their families (74% to 601%).
  • Concern for children is highest among those in households with dependent children (62% are very or somewhat concerned).