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Second preference vote

Jun 28, 2016

Q. Which party would you give your next preference to – out of the Liberal Party and the Labor Party.

  Total   Vote Greens Vote other   Vote Greens (excluding don’t know) Vote other (excluding don’t know)   Vote Greens

2013 election

Vote other

2013 election

Liberal Party 19% 12% 33% 14% 52% 17% 55%
Labor Party 39% 73% 30% 86% 48% 83% 45%
Don’t know 22% 15% 37%

19% of minor parties and independent voters say they will preference the Liberals and 39% say they will preference Labor. 22% don’t know which party they will preference.

Excluding the “don’t knows”, Labor receives 86% of preferences of Greens voters and 48% of the preferences of other voters – a very similar result to the 2013 election.




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