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School funding

Aug 8, 2017

Q. As far as you are aware, has the Turnbull Coalition Government increased funding to schools, decreased school funding or not changed school funding much at all?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other
Increased school funding 28%   21% 42% 12% 30%
Decreased school funding 22%   32% 15% 30% 19%
Not changed school funding much 22%   25% 20% 25% 27%
Don’t know 28%   22% 23% 34% 24%

Views about whether the Federal Government had increased or decreased school funding were mixed. 28% thought they had increased funding, 22% thought they had decreased funding and 22% thought they had not changed the funding. Responses were partly related to voting intention – 42% of Liberal/National voters thought funding had increased while 32% of Labor voters thought it had decreased.


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