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Same Sex Marriage – Party Policies

29 Nov 2010

Q. From what you understand which party has the policy on same sex marriage which is closest to your own view of the issue?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
Labor Party 13% 29% 2% 1%
Liberal Party 21% 5% 44% 3%
Greens 20% 19% 13% 71%
Don’t know 46% 47% 41% 24%

21% prefer the Liberal Party policy on same sex marriage, 20% prefer the Greens and 13% Labor.

Opinions generally follow party preference although only 29% of Labor voters prefer the Labor policy and 19% prefer the Greens.

Those with no religion are more likely to prefer the Greens policy (29%) while 30% of Anglicans and 32% of other Christians prefer the Liberal policy.