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Resources Super Profits Tax

Jun 28, 2010

Q. Which of the following approaches do you think the Government should take in their dispute with the mining companies over the proposed resources super profits tax?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
Proceed with the tax as planned 11% 17% 4% 17%
Compromise a little and make minor changes to the tax 35% 52% 18% 62%
Compromise a lot and make major changes to the tax 26% 20% 41% 7%
Not proceed with the tax in any form 14% 3% 30% 5%
Don’t know 14% 8% 7% 8

Nearly half the respondents (46%) believe that the Government should proceed with the resources super profits tax unchanged or with minor changes. Only 14% oppose that tax in any form and 26% think the Government should make major changes to the tax.

69% of Labor voters want the tax to proceed unchanged or with minor changes as does 79% of Greens voters. 41% of Liberal/National voters want major changes and 30% do not want the tax in any form.


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