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Preferred Policy Package

May 7, 2019

Q. Regardless of your current vote, which one of the two groups of policies do you prefer?       

  Total Vote Labor Vote Liberal / National Vote Greens NET: Vote Other
Liberal/National Package 36% 7% 75% 8% 39%
Labor Package 46% 81% 15% 76% 33%
Unsure 18% 12% 10% 16% 28%
  • When asked to make a direct comparison between the policies of both major parties, 46% preferred that offered by the Labor party, compared to 36% for the Coalition.
  • 15% of Liberal/National voters said they preferred the policies offered by Labor to those of the party they intend to vote for. 7% of Labor voters said they preferred the Coalition package.
  • Respondents aged over 55 were more likely to prefer the Coalition package (43%, compared to 39% for Labor).


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