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Preferred economic plans

May 22, 2018

Q. Which long-term plan for Australia’s economy do you most support?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other
Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to grow the economy by backing business to invest and create new jobs by cutting taxes for all Australian workers and businesses 38%   17% 72% 14% 38%
Bill Shorten’s plan to grow the economy by strengthening the middle class by investing in health care, education, infrastructure and tax cuts for middle and lower earners. 44%   73% 18% 73% 41%
Don’t know 18%   10% 10% 13% 21%

44% support the Labor plan for the economy and 38% support the Government’s plan.

All income groups except those earning $2,000+ pw strongly favour Labor plan. Those earning more than $2,000 pw split – Government plan 43% to Labor plan 42%.


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