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Preference towards federal vs state government Covid-19 vaccine rollout

Feb 2, 2021

Q. As vaccinations against Covid-19 are rolled out across Australia, which authority would you prefer to be responsible for the distribution of the vaccinations in your state or territory?

  Total Federal Voting Intention
Labor TOTAL: Coalition Greens TOTAL: Other
The federal government 38% 31% 50% 32% 38%
Your state or territory government 44% 54% 39% 44% 40%
Unsure 19% 16% 11% 24% 22%
Base (n) 1,092 361 400 97 126
  • 44% of Australians would prefer their state or territory government to be responsible for the distribution of Covid-19 vaccinations, compared to 38% who would prefer the federal government to take charge of this, and 19% are unsure.
  • Preference for their state or territory government to handle the rollout of vaccines is highest among Labor voters (54%), followed by 44% Greens voters, 40% minor and independent party voters and 39% Coalition voters.


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