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Power prices

Jul 4, 2018

Q. Who or what do you mostly blame most for rising power prices?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other   Sep 2017
Private power companies trying to maximise profits 44%   46% 47% 46% 44%   49%
The Turnbull Government for failing to have a long-term energy plan 21%   32% 12% 23% 25%   22%
Environmentalists for pushing for action on climate change 11%   4% 17% 10% 17%   9%
Renewable energy companies for producing higher-cost power 7%   4% 11% 4% 6%   5%
Don’t know 17%   14% 13% 16% 8%   15%


44% think private power companies trying to maximise profits are most to blame for rising power prices and 21% think the Turnbull Government is most to blame. 11% blame environmentalists pushing for action on climate change and only 7% blame renewable energy costs.

Since this question was asked in September there has been a decrease in those who blame power companies (down 5% to 44%) and an increase in those who blame environmentalists or renewables (up 4% to 18%).


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