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Mar 22, 2016

The Government intends to hold a plebiscite (a national vote) on the issue of same sex marriage. Do you think the following issues should be decided by a plebiscite or a vote in Parliament?

  Decided by Parliament Decided by plebiscite Don’t know
Euthanasia 22% 61% 17%
Retirement age 40% 43% 17%
The size of defence force 71% 14% 16%
Privatisations of major Government owned assets 46% 37% 17%
Abortion 23% 58% 19%
Major tax changes 53% 30% 16%

A majority think that the issues of euthanasia (61%) and abortion (58%) should be decided by a plebiscite.

A majority believe that the size of the defence force (71%) and major tax changes (53%) should be decided by Parliament.


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