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Personal Impact of Changes to Health System

Aug 22, 2011

Q. What impact do you think these changes will have on you and your family?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Heard a lot / something Heard a little
A big impact 8% 6% 9% 13% 13% 5%
A moderate impact 23% 32% 19% 20% 30% 18%
A small impact 30% 33% 25% 40% 27% 33%
No impact 26% 18% 35% 16% 24% 27%
Don’t know 12% 12% 12% 11% 5% 18%

* based on those who have heard a lot/something/a little.

Respondents were less likely to think the changes will have an impact on their family. Of those who had heard a lot/something/a little, 31% think the health system changes will have a big or moderate impact on them, 30% think they will have small impact and 26% think they will have no impact.

43% of those who have heard a lot/something think they will have a big/moderate impact compared to 23% of those who have only heard a little.


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